The name says it all… Our Signature Relaxation Massage is one of the best you will ever have!

Whilst sipping on your complimentary welcome glass of bubbly, herbal tea, juice or water, your therapist will gently soak your feet in a warm bath.

From here, your therapist will show you to your treatment room where you will begin your massage by laying face down. While calming music plays softly in the background, your therapist will start your massage on your legs. As time passes, you will notice the therapist move from your legs, to your back and then to your arms in an effortless fashion. Every rhythmic movement is purposefully made to flow, and connect seamlessly with the next.

With hardly any disturbance to your relaxed state of mind, your therapist will help you move onto your back so she can begin massaging your front. Starting again with your lower legs, and working her way up your body to your head, you may find yourself drifting off to another world. As your massage comes to an end, your therapist will gently wake you and give you time to re-compose yourself and come back down to earth.

All of your tensions, stresses and worries will have well and truly disappeared during this massage, and leaving behind in it’s place will be a peaceful sense of calmness and well-being.