Whether you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, or just about to welcome your baby into the world our therapists can take care of your pre-natal massage needs.

We have a number of qualified spa therapists specifically trained in pregnancy massage, so you know you’ll be in safe hands during your session with us. Upon arrival you will be taken to your treatment room where you will start your treatment with a foot soak in a warm bubble bath. From here, the therapist will show you to your treatment bed. We have pillows, blankets and other props all designed to maximise your comfort while laying down for your massage.

Our therapist will begin your massage by working on your legs. As you begin to fall into a state of calmness and relaxation, you will soon realise your therapist has worked her way around your entire body peacefully and un-disruptively. Each rhythmic motion is designed to flow into the next seamlessly.

At the end of your treatment, take a few minutes to regain your centre before sipping on a glass of water or juice.