Our Aromatherapy Massage is a sensory experience, specifically designed to assist with relaxation and an overall state of calmness.

To begin your treatment, you’re given a complimentary welcome drink of either chilled bubbly, delicious herbal tea, juice or water. While sipping on your drink, our therapist will soak your feet in a warm bubble bath.

You will be shown to your treatment room and be asked to lay down on the massage table. Before starting the massage, the therapist will gently give you a full body, dry-body brush. This small action may seem insignificant, however the circular motions assist in getting your blood circulation moving, as well as removing dead skin cells and any dirt, grease or grime that may have settled on the surface of the skin.

Using carefully selected oils, the therapist will begin your massage from your legs. As she works her way over your entire body from head to toe, you will find yourself transported into a deep, calm state where your worries and tension melt away.