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Walk amongst wildflowers to soothe the soul

15 Sep 2021 | The Retreat, What's On

Make the most of nature’s spectacular show this spring!


Western Australia has experienced an extremely wet winter, and this has resulted in one of the most spectacular displays of wildflowers the state has ever seen!

Wildflower walks are a beautiful way to escape from city life and find peace in the natural world. Wildflowers truly are a delight for the senses: The vibrant colours, the natural perfume, the sound of native bees and insects getting about, and the blissful feeling of tranquillity as you walk among this beautiful display.

Why not take a weekend to unwind, to discover WA’s wildflowers, and re-discover your inner peace with a mini escape in the hills at Amaroo Retreat & Spa!


The flowers

Wildflowers have exploded in the Perth Hills, and Amaroo Retreat & Spa is the ideal base to discover them all. For those who love photography, this season’s flowers are a dream come true, particularly in the Chidlow area.

The Blue Leschenaultia is one of the species of wildflower you will see when you stay at Amaroo Retreat & Spa. The colour of the sky and the sea is associated with calm, tranquillity and peace, and the Blue Leschenaultia grows abundantly in the Perth Hills, forming massive clumps of striking colour. The flowers resemble an open fan or a hand with spread fingers when laid flat, and the leaves are soft blue-green colour. Looking at the beautiful Blue Leschenaultia growing against a harsh grey rock or gravelly soil is an interesting contrast, and one not easily forgotten.

Of course, there are many other wildflowers that you will discover on your walks, so be sure to bring your camera!


The sunshine

Leave the gloom of winter behind and embrace the sunshine of springtime! Spring is the season of hope and renewal. As nature begins to awaken after a winter slumber, we really feel new beginnings emerge.  The light and warmth empower us, reinvigorates us, and helps us embrace new beginnings.

Amaroo Retreat & Spa will help you celebrate new beginnings. As you experience the freshness of spring, Amaroo Retreat & Spa is there as your own haven in which to make the most of this new enlightenment. A peaceful home away from home where you can relax and indulge yourself in luxury and leave feeling fully restored.


The accommodation

Amaroo Retreat & Spa is designed as a place for peace. It’s a place to shut out the stresses of everyday life and embrace nature. Immerse yourself in the quiet and breathe in the fresh air as you spend your days walking in wildflowers and enjoying natural Australian bushland.

At night, sleep in luxurious comfort in a chalet that has been designed with attention to detail to provide everything you could ever need and want for your escape.

While you are here, enjoy some pampering at our world-class Spa. We have a wide variety of treatments including soothing massages, cleansing facials, and energising body scrubs and wraps. We have treatments to suit everyone, including men and the all-important prenatal treatments for that special Mum to be. It’s time for rejuvenation and we have exactly what you need!

Talk a walk in the wildflowers this spring and restore your soul at Amaroo Resort & Spa.


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