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Love those long weekend vibes!

27 Apr 2022 | The Lounge

April long weekends – we are open and ready to serve you! * 

This April, West Australians are fortunate enough to get not one, but TWO long  weekends in a row! 

Easter was the perfect time for celebrating with family, as many West Australians hit the road for one last getaway before the winter months kick in. 

But even though the Easter long weekend is done, we still have another three day weekend as we stop to commemorate ANZAC Day. 

The Lounge at Amaroo has just a couple of suggestions on how to guarantee  that you make the most of your ANZAC Day long weekend!! 

Start the weekend in style! 

Fridays always come around with that sense of excitement and relief that the  working week is over, and the fun is about to start. And when it’s a long  weekend, Fridays feel even better! 

The Lounge at Amaroo has live music every Friday and Saturday from 6pm – 9pm, and when combined with Perth’s best menu and cocktail bar all in a  secluded bush setting, this is the perfect spot to kick off your long weekend! 

This week we have crowd favourites Kurt Carrera on Friday, and Little Song on  Saturday. 

Take a stroll before breakfast 

The mild autumn weather is the best time of year for bushwalking, and at  Amaroo Retreat, we have some easy walking trails right on our doorstep. Why  not grab a couple of friends on the Saturday or Sunday morning and spend an  hour or so walking in nature in the beautiful Perth Hills. Then when you’ve  worked up an appetite, head to the Lounge at Amaroo for a freshly cooked  breakfast from 8am-10am! 

Date night

With no work on Monday, you could have your choice on whether you go  out for a romantic dinner on Saturday or Sunday of the long weekend. And if  you haven’t tried our newest menu at The Lounge at Amaroo, you need to  treat yourself. 

The Lounge at Amaroo is celebrated for its uniquely Australian menu that is  made from locally sourced ingredients. Our entrees will delight with prawns,  beef croquettes, cauliflower bites and scallops being a few of the choices.  

For a hearty main course, you have the choice of pasta, fish, chicken, sirloin,  or our special vegetarian Bento Bowl – vegan option also available. And  round off the meal with a heavenly dessert – lemon curd, chocolate mousse  or affogato. 

Cocktails with friends 

Celebrate the long weekend with a night at our cocktail bar! We are so  proud of our offerings of exciting and delicious cocktails that are sure to  delight all your senses. Put on your party clothes, bring some friends, and  make a night of it having cocktails in our fabulous restaurant and bar. 

Commemorate ANZAC Day the right way 

Let’s not forget the reason behind the public holiday. On every 25th day of  April, Australians take the day to remember and commemorate the legacy  of the ANZACs, and to show our thanks to those who went to war to protect  and serve our great country. 

The Shire of Mundaring is hosting a gunfire breakfast, 9.15am march and  9,30am ANZAC service at Chidlow Green, corner Old Northam Road and  Thomas Road in Chidlow on Monday 25th April. Here you can pay your  respects to our fallen soldiers.  

We’re open for breakfast from 8am-10am on ANZAC Day, then open again for  dinner from 5pm – late, with the kitchen closing at 8pm. 

*Please note: 

  • There is a 20% surcharge on public holidays. 
  • See our website for opening times and to view our delicious menu at  The Lounge (the Amaroo Retreat a la carte restaurant). 
  • Find out more about The Lounge at Amaroo and make your booking  at
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