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An invitation you can’t refuse!

27 Apr 2022 | The Lounge

The Lounge at Amaroo have designed a night of indulgence, extravagance,  glamour, and ultimately, satisfaction. We invite you to our Vasse Felix Wine  Dinner, which is a degustation event like no other! 

This exciting event will be held on Thursday 19 May at The Lounge at Amaroo.  We have selected the most amazing wines to accompany a delectable 6- course menu, and you get to enjoy it all in our stunning restaurant  overlooking magnificent Australian bushland. What could be better?! 

Introducing The Wines 

Many will agree that the best part of a good meal is the wines that go with it. 

The Lounge at Amaroo are delighted to partner with Vasse Felix to be able to  present some of the best sparkling, red & white wines available in Western  Australia. 

The Idée Fixe Blanc De Blancs are elegant and expressive and have that  distinct flavour that only comes from the Margaret River region. The cool,  coastal influence runs through the wine like a refreshing sea breeze. These  wines are ideal for creative food pairing and are an exquisite match with  fresh Western Australian seafood.  

Starting The Meal Right 

The Lounge at Amaroo is renowned for our Oyster Bar, and it makes perfect  sense to start this magnificent dining experience with a selection of oysters. 

Oysters are a delicacy that is historically synonymous with luxury; and every  mouthful is a delicate nature of flavours. We are so fortunate to have one of  the best sustainable fishing industries in the world here in Western Australia,  and our fresh oysters are world-class quality. 

To begin our special Vasse Felix Wine Dinner, you will delight all your senses as  you dine on our fresh oysters with lemon/lime caviar. 

More than a meal – This Is A Dining Experience 

If you have never experienced a degustation before, now is the perfect time. 

‘Degustation’ is the French word for ‘tasting’, and generally is used for meals  that involve a menu of rich and diverse flavours, many courses, and an  opportunity to taste the different offerings. 

Our special event includes a range of dishes throughout the evening which have been carefully selected to offer our guests options that are packed with  flavour, imagination, and quality local ingredients. 

After your glass of Idee Fixe Blanc de Blanc with fresh oysters, treat your  tastebuds to the following 5 courses and wine pairings: 

  • Sesame encrusted yellow fin tuna with Mango Salsa / Vasse Felix  Premium Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Chicken roulade wrapped in leek with smoked bacon mash, sweet  corn cream & chicken jus / Vasse Felix Premium Chardonnay 
  • Herb crusted lamb cutlets with whipped truffle mash and mint &  rosemary jus / Vasse Felix Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Hazelnut mousse with a cabernet merlot infused jelly / Vasse Felix FILIUS  Cabernet Merlot 
  • Selection of cheeses & fruits / Vasse Felix Cane Cut Semillon Dessert  Wine 

From beginning to end, your degustation experience with The Lounge at  Amaroo will be filled with satisfaction and delight as you dine on what can  only be described as some of Perth’s most heavenly foods. 

Book now! 

Bookings are being taken for the exclusive event which is held on Thursday 19  May. The event begins at 6pm, with seated courses from 6.30pm. Cost is $140  per person and bookings can be made at

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