Celebrate Christmas with a traditional feast!

1 Nov 2021 | The Lounge, What's On

The Festive season is getting closer and the team at The Lounge at Amaroo are feeling the excitement!

Food is our passion, and there’s no better way to celebrate any major occasion than with a scrumptious feast shared with friends and family.

Across the globe, families are planning their Christmas fare.

In England, for example, families will sit down to Christmas dinner of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, braised red cabbage, and pureed parsnips, with classic English Trifle and Christmas plum pudding for dessert.

In Iceland the main meal, which they refer to as the ‘Yule meal’, is traditionally a leg of roast lamb; and in Sweden it’s baked ham that graces the table on Christmas day. In Russia, a special porridge or ‘Sochivo’ is served, which is made from wheat or rice and served with honey, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Australians love to celebrate Christmas with a good meal, and while some might say it’s too hot for a roast at Christmas time, there’s just something magical about a traditional Christmas feast.

The Lounge at Amaroo have gone out of our way to design a special Christmas menu with plenty of options that will make everyone happy!


Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

The Lounge at Amaroo is extremely excited to announce our special Christmas menu which will be available throughout December.

Our Christmas menu is jam packed full of seasonal goodness and has been created to give you more than a full belly! Your Christmas meal at The Lounge will bring back memories of childhood, and will be the start of new memories as you celebrate with us at our amazing venue!

Bring back memories with a Christmas menu that includes succulent roast turkey, traditional Christmas roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, cranberry and turkey jus.

Be delighted to try something new and unique and tuck into a tantalising Seafood Tortellini with scallops, fish, and prawns. Dine on Morton Bay Bugs with chilli and lime in a white wine sauce; and Halloumi Salad with grilled with pumpkin, ginger, pomegranate, barley and rocket. And enjoy it all with an impeccable selection of wines and cocktails.


Is your mouth watering yet?

At The Lounge at Amaroo, our goal is enjoyment, and we want to you enjoy Christmas this year with the best food in the most idyllic setting with the people you care about the most.

Visit https://amarooretreat.com.au/restaurant/ to book your table for Christmas.


The Perfect Partnership

When news is this good, we simply must share! The Lounge at Amaroo has recently featured some premium wine varieties from the prestigious Leeuwin Estate Winery.

Change in season brings fresh menu

Enjoy the best local new season produce. The change in season impacts our whole world – the weather, the environment around us, what we wear, what we do, and of course what we eat!

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