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Treat your skin, after all it is the largest organ in your body and your first line of defence against the elements. Keep hard-working muscles relaxed after a day of exercise. For every challenge, there is a reward. Here, the body is brought into balance, and prepared for another day.

Escape from your fast-paced lifestyle and retreat to our Day Spa treatment room. Our Spa Treatments will help you find balance and re-energise yourself. We use only the best products from renowned French brand PAYOT. We offer a wide range of treatments in our Day Spa from soothing massages and facials, to energising body scrubs and cleansing body wraps, you can immerse yourself in pure indulgence at Amaroo Retreat & Spa.


 : Signature Relaxation Massage / 60 min $140 / 90 min $180

This stress relieving massage begins with a gentle full body massage. All movements are slow, flowing and rhythmic, easing away tension and leaving in its place a sense of calm and well-being.

 : Aromatherapy Massage / 60 min $150 / 90 min $190

This sensory experience includes an aromatherapy full body massage that uses carefully selected oils, and is specifically designed to help you relax. You’ll be transported into a deep, calm state where your worries and tension melt away.

 : Hot Stone Massage / 90 min $200

A healing style of massage that uses heated Basalt stones to alleviate stress and tension in the body. Your therapist will focus on pressure points and problems areas caused by tight and achy muscles.

 : Head, Neck & Shoulders / 30 min $95

Using a variety of massage techniques, this treatment provides lasting relief where it is needed most; working directly on the head, neck and
shoulders to release tension and stress.

: Indian Head Massage / 30 min $80

Originating from India over a thousand years ago, carefully selected oils are used to nourish the scalp and hair; while specialised massage techniques assist in relieving stress and tension to help improve mental clarity.

For The Gents

 : Back Treatment / 60 min $160

Begin with an aromatic scrub to cleanse the surface of the skin. Followed by a deep cleansing clay mask to detoxify and re-balance skin impurities. Finishing with a tension releasing massage.

 : Brickies Hand Rejuvenation / 45 min $130

Soothe overworked and tired hands beginning with a hand exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, followed by a hand massage, file, shape and cuticle work.

 : Workaholic Legs and Feet / 60 min $180

Targeted massage for the upper and lower legs will ease away tension. A gentle foot scrub and mask is applied to soothe achy feet. File, shape and cuticle work finish off this treatment.

 : Tradies Facial / 60 min $150

Perfect for hard working tradies. Start with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to remove dirt and grime from the skins surface, uncovering fresh, new cells below. This opens the way for our moisturising products to penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and healthy.

 : The Gentleman’s Works / 4 hours $599

The ultimate, men’s head-to-toe treatment. Begin with a black cleanse to remove everyday dirt from the surface of the skin, assisting in the prevention of ingrown hairs. A full body massage follows to relieve achy, tired muscles, and then a mini facial will help bring dull looking skin back to life. Hands and feet are then wrapped in a mask to complete your pampering experience.


For maximum results, we recommend a facial every 2 weeks. A 10% discount applies when 3 facials are booked and paid for upfront.

 : Age Defying / 60 min $150

A facial with an immediate ‘new skin’ effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines. After the massage, the re-balancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating feeling.

 : Deep Cleansing / 60 min $150

A purifying, balancing treatment for combination or oily skin, using a heating scrub with a peel-off mask to perfectly purify the skin.

 : Calming and Restoring / 60 min $170

Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin. A plumping hydration treatment immediately leaves your skin looking refreshed and hydrated.

 : Mini Facial / 30 min $95

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, exfoliated and gently massaged. Finished off with a hydration
mask and a veil of light moisturiser.

Mum To Be

 : Refresher / 60 min $170

Our deluxe Mini Facial combined with a targeted head, neck and shoulder massage to ease away stress and tension.

 : Tired Legs and Feet / 45 min $160

A targeted upper and lower leg massage to soothe achy muscles, followed with an express pedicure.

 : Pre-Natal Massage / 60 min $130

Specialist massage techniques designed to completely relax and calm the body for that soon to be mum.

 : Deluxe Pregnancy Pamper / 3.5 hours $455

This package is perfect for that special mum to be who just wants to switch off and spend a few hours being pampered and nourished without outside distractions. Including a pre-natal massage, mini facial and our deluxe spa manicure and pedicure, this package is what every soon-to-be mum needs.

Body Treatments

All of our body treatments include a glass of chilled prosecco or a relaxing herbal tea, and a gentle foot soak. Book any treatment as a couple and receive 15% off.

 : Luscious Legs / 60 min $180

A relaxing, tension releasing massage for the upper and lower legs and feet, followed by an exfoliation and gentle moisturising to re-hydrate your skin. Finished with an express pedicure.

 : Stress Reliever / 90 min $200

A full body awakening treatment. begin with an Indian head massage to stimulate and re-energise your mind by targeting your shoulders, head, neck and face, using your choice of oil. Followed by a gentle dry body brushing to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. Finishing with a relaxing full body massage using carefully selected oils to melt away tension and emotional stresses.

: Body Rejuvenation / 90 min $250

This rejuvenating treatment starts with an aromatic full-body scrub to buff away dry, damaged skin. A light, hydrating moisturiser is gently massaged into the body, followed by a 30-minute Mini Facial. This treatment will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed.

 : Deluxe Spa Manicure and Pedicure / 2 hours $270

File, shape, cuticle work, buff, heel work, masque and Shellac polish. Includes a luxurious nourishing scrub and massage for both hands, arms, calves and feet.

: Detox and Boost / 2 hours $320

This cleansing treatment starts with a dry body brush to stimulate circulation, and then a full body exfoliation is applied to remove dead cells from the deeper layers of the skin. A clay mask is applied to problem areas of the body to help draw out toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Ending with a rhythmic head-to-toe full body massage to encourage blood flow and additional toxin removal.

: Deluxe Package / 2 hours $280

Start this experience with a gentle full body massage designed to relax and unwind your body. Paired with your choice of our Payot Facials.

 : Signature package/ 3 hours $390

A specialised, targeted Payot Facial to suit your skins needs, followed by a relaxing head massage. End with our Deluxe Spa Manicure and Pedicure.

: The Amaroo Package / 6 hours $799

Prepare yourself for the ultimate spa escape. This package will leave you feeling luxuriously pampered from head-to-toe. Start your journey with a light dry body brush, a full body exfoliation follows on to remove dead skin cells, grease and debris from the surface of the skin. A recovery mask is applied to the body, designed to replenish and hydrate, before being cocooned in a foil wrap. You will be transported to a world of relaxation with a 30-minute Indian Head Massage, and an hour-long Swedish Massage, both designed to improve circulation and general well-being. A light 45-minute lunch is served before an indulgent Payot Facial is applied to address any skin concerns. Finally, your pampering would not be complete without our Deluxe Spa Manicure and Pedicure.

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